We belong - Network for Women with Migration Biography in Politics

It is a fact is that women with a migration biography are underrepresented at all levels of politics. As a result, the perspectives, realities of life and needs of this group are missing in politics. We want to change this and have created creating a space for this group with the "We belong" network.

Our project:

  • Starting point for a nationwide, non-partisan network which gives women with a migration biography, BIPoC, migration background or similar positioning a safer space for empowerment as well as an exchange of experience and knowledge in their political engagement.
  • Another aim is to benefit from the experiences of other politically active women and to exchange ideas and best practice examples on how more women with a migration biography can be represented at local level and in parliaments.

Who is the network for?

Our network is aimed at women with a migration biography or similar positions (BIPoC, migration background, etc.) who are involved in politics or hold a mandate. We define women as anyone who identifies as a woman. We are open to anyone who identifies themselves as part of the group, shares our understanding and is interested in getting to know the network.

Understandings of We belong - Network for women with migration biography in politics

Women with a migration biography in politics have experiences that men and people from the majority society do not. Therefore, spaces are needed where people who belong to this group can exchange ideas without fear of competition or power games. Community, empowerment, safer space: the network should be a place of respect and unbiased, non-partisan solidarity and appreciation. We do not tolerate sexism, racism or any other form of discrimination.