The Helene Weber-Network

The Helene Weber-Network is a national association of female local-government politicians who have been awarded the Helene Weber Prize for their achievements. Non-partisan, cross-state co-operation is an important feature of the network, which promotes the further qualification of its members and the exchange of specialist information. Members provide support for each other and share information, ideas and experiences in an on-going dialogue underpinned by an annual meeting. The prize-winners see themselves as ambassadors for women who are active in local politics and as role models for women who are not yet politically active. The primary objective is to promote the equality of men and women in society. 

The network is represented by spokeswoman and a deputy who are elected by network members every two years to fulfil the following tasks:

•    Interface role with the Helene Weber-Kolleg

•    Contacts for communication with the BMFSFJ and EAF Berlin and for all other overarching issues concerning the network as a whole, internally and externally

•    Creating and safeguarding transparency in the network

•    Communicating statements on overriding municipal-political themes, in consultation with the network

•    Participation in the jury awarding the Helene Weber-Prize